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Salon des Amateurs, release zat #7 with booklet by Detlef Klepsch, video by Anne Schülke together with Taj Irzhavskaia (camera), Lara Condercuri, Hani Mehdizadeh, Ji-Hun Park (performance), Detlef Klepsch (sound) and DJ-set by Alisa Berger, Düsseldorf, GER, 2022

Osthaumuseum, group show, curated by Katharina Mayer & Mechthild Hagemann & more, Hagen, GER, 2018

Alte Kämmerei, group show, curated by Mechthild Hagemann, Düsseldorf, GER, 2018

The Cologne Art Book Fair, Cologne, GER, 2018

Book Salon Düsseldorf Photo Plus, Düsseldorf, GER, 2018

Salon des Amateurs, Düsseldorf, GER, 2016

zat on Vimeo

Experimentale, project by Enno Stahl, Heinrich-Heine-Institut, Düsseldorf, GER, 2015

Avant la devantgarde, groupshow, curated by Mechthild Hagemann, Düsseldorf, GER, 2015

Walther König Book Shop, Düsseldorf, GER, 2014

Salon für Kunstbuch, project by Bernhard Cella, Wien, AUT, 2014

zat is a publication project by Detlef Klepsch and Anne Schülke.

We understand publishing as an artistic practice and since 2012 have been publishing booklets in small editions at irregular intervals, either alone or in cooperation with other artists, curators or art historians. The booklets deal with the relationship between text and image. We organize events or participate in exhibitions on the topic of "text and image" or art book fairs.

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